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Q: How do I know that my bag will not be tampered with or experience pilferage? 
A: Skybags will do everything possible to ensure that your luggage arrives safely and intact. We will seal each bag with a security tag at the time of check-in. The only reason that seal is removed is if the TSA needs to conduct a search of your luggage at the airport.

Q: Can customers change their seat assignments, upgrade, or change their airline reservations with Skybags? 
A: No. Upgrades and changes to reservations and seat assignments will need to be handled by your airline prior to our arrival.

Q: How does SKYBAGS secure baggage and ensure that baggage arrives safely to the airport? 
A: SKYBAGS is operating in strict accordance with all TSA and airline regulations regarding the handling of customer checked baggage.

Q: Why do you need to pick up baggage the night before departure? Why can’t you just come to my home in the early morning? 
A: Gathering customer baggage the night before departure ensures that all baggage will be screened without any delays.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can pack or ship using SKYBAGS?
A: SKYBAGS can only accept items within the definition of the general baggage policy of the airlines. Please
click here  to view information regarding airline baggage policies.

Q: Will SKYBAGS reimburse me for any lost, damaged, or misrouted luggage?
A: SKYBAGS will match the compensation contained within the baggage policy for your carrier in the event your baggage is delayed, lost, damaged or stolen.
Q: Can I drop my bags off at your office instead of having you pick them up?
A: Not at this time. This type of service may be considered in the future based on customer demand.


Q: Do all family members need to be present when Skybags arrives to conduct check-in? 
A: Yes, all family members need to be present, and all travelers of age need to provide proper government issued ID at the time of check-in.

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